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All Aboard the Loopy Practice! CNN and MSNBC Visitor: Trump Is WORSE Than Hitler!


When the left reveals us who they’re, imagine them. On Monday, that mantra got here in helpful when CNN and MSNBC visitor and psychologist Dr. Bandy Lee tweeted that President Donald Trump was worse than Adolf Hitler in not one side, however an entire slew of the way.

Her reasoning? In comparison with Trump, Lee mentioned Hitler possessed “competence” and “a minimum of…improved the day by day lifetime of his followers, had self-discipline, and required extra of himself to realize the respect of his followers.”

Utilizing the left’s personal logic of silence was complicity, one has to wonder if CNN and MSNBC agree with this habits. Then once more, she edited a e book referred to as The Harmful Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Psychological Well being Specialists Assess a President and neither community had an issue with that.

Right here was the tweet that she deleted:

In a thread, under that, she added that she noticed “this message has upset individuals, however it’s remark not on higher or worse however competence,” so individuals ought to “attempt to learn [it] dispassionately.”

Lee continued with a 3rd tweet, calling it a “optimistic or adverse” that Hitler and Trump weren’t distinctive: “For one, [Trump’s] faults are there for all to see. It could have pushed some to laxness, believing somebody so comical couldn’t do a lot hurt. Nonetheless, the other is true; low competence can translate to higher dangerousness.” 

Our good friend Becket Adams from the Washington Examiner flagged down some of her replies through which she in contrast “Donald Trump’s dying toll” from the coronavirus as equal to “Hitler’s on the similar time interval” for the reason that begin of the Holocaust.

In taking down the tweets, she didn’t precisely cease making issues any higher with not one however two threads:

Displaying that being referred to as out was upsetting to her, Lee tweeted about how she had “blocked a number of Trump supporters, as rigidity is working excessive” for each “their very own sake and, additionally, to permit for considerate dialogue right here.”

With regards to “considerate dialogue,” that didn’t exempt Lee from claiming in December 2017 that “we should act quickly” towards the supposedly mentally-ill President or threat him “seemingly becom[ing] violent.”

Lee was additionally welcomed with open arms to the August 25, 2019 Dependable Sources by CNN host Brian Stelter for a panel dialogue openly diagnosing Trump as mentally impaired and included her fellow panelist claiming Trump has killed greater than Hitler, Mao Zedong, and Joseph Stalin mixed.

As all of us bear in mind, Stelter claimed he gladly took Dr. Allen Frances’s reply with out pushback attributable to “tech difficulties.”


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